Smith, as an a periodontal specialist, I am trained in diagnosing and treating gum and jawbone tissues and problems and can assess the overall health of your mouth and whether or not your gums and jawbone can support dental implants. And because the root structure of the tooth is replaced with the implant, the gum and bone continue to be stimulated each time you eat, thus keeping them healthy.

When a missing tooth is replaced by using a bridge, the teeth on either side often have to be filed down to accommodate the bridge and the apparatus can create pressure on the surrounding teeth, which can impact their overall health and function.

A dental implant has three separate parts that come together to form a permanent tooth in a patient’s mouth. However, a bone graft can sometimes be a viable option if a patient’s bone support isn’t sufficient. The titanium screw, which was mentioned above, fuses into the jawbone and then an abutment fits over the part of the screw that protrudes above the gum line and then the crown fits onto the abutment and look and functions like a normal tooth. With a dental implant, the missing tooth can be replaced soon after it is lost.

An implant is basically a titanium metal screw that is secured in the jaw bone and acts as the root or anchor for a false tooth, which is placed on top. Dental implants can also be used to support a bridge, reducing the impact on the surrounding teeth as well as to support a partial or full denture, making them more secure and comfortable. With a dental implant, the teeth on either side are not impacted in any way. And often gum tissue does not heal well in people with chronic diseases or poorly controlled diabetes.

In a mouth with healthy teeth, the jaw bone is stimulated each time you eat, which preserves the integrity of your jaw bone.

However, for patients who are in over all good health, have healthy gums and sufficient bone structure, plus are committed to good oral hygiene with daily brushing and flossing and regular dental check ups, implants will give them secure teeth and healthy looking, beautiful smiles.

If a patient has either uncontrolled chronic diseases or systemic problems or they are smokers, implants Injection molding machine screw barrel Manufacturers are generally not a good idea. However, with today’s advanced dental technology, we can actually implant a tooth (or several teeth) into the bone structure of a patient’s jaw giving them solid, stable teeth that are actually fused to their bone.

My name is Dr. Smoking reduces the chances of success for an implant because it impedes healing. Because the procedure goes through the gum and into the jawbone, good candidates for dental implants must have healthy gums and adequate bone support.In the past, when a patient lost a tooth, our only option was to replace it with a crown or bridge that was secured by surrounding teeth, and if they had several teeth missing, a partial denture was the best option. When you lose a tooth and therefore the bone in that area does not receive stimulation, it begins to shrink, causing loss of both gum tissue and bone.